I'm a highly motivated and flexible programmer who tends to gravitate towards system building more often than not. I tend to easily visualize abstraction layers and I'm meticulous when coding, which makes me ideal for things that require stability. I value teamwork and communication strongly which is also reflected in my code, where I focus on readability and usability. In the projects I've been a part of so far I've usually ended up building core systems, tools or general gameplay code.

I love the problem solving involved in programming and the challenges I face on a daily basis is what drives me forward. My personal development is important to me and the need to learn new things is what drove me into this field in the first place.

I've worked for over a decade in a completely different field before I decided to leave all that behind and follow my dream of becoming a game programmer instead, and all those years of work have instilled strong work ethics and a solution-focused mentality in me. I'm of the belief that there are no problems, only undiscovered solutions.
Since I value professionalism and have a relaxed and friendly demeanor I often hear that I'm easy to work with.

I'm currently studying at The Game Assembly in Malmö and I'm looking for an internship.


Phone: (+46)725-110600